CableMod Customized 90-Diploma 12VHPWR Connector Melts Regardless of Correct Set up

CableMod’s customized 12VHPWR connector for GeForce RTX 40 GPUs has melted regardless of being linked correctly, as one Reddit person has acknowledged.

Correctly Inserted 12VHPWR Connector From CableMod Melts, Firm Responds & Is Investigating The Concern

You may bear in mind the fiasco when NVIDIA launched their 12VHPWR energy connectors with the discharge of the GeForce RTX 40 collection GPUs. A number of customers encountered burning points resulting in a brand new debate on the brand new connectors. NVIDIA declared the issue a “person error” claiming that the connectors weren’t seated correctly, resulting in energy supply disruptions.

My CableMod adapter melted my 4090 energy connector and I can’t even unplug it
by u/Darewelll in pcmasterrace

CableMod got here to the rescue and provided a 90-degree angled connector which ensured no cable bending, and prolonged the cable adapter to permit a lot simpler wire administration. As anticipated, the connectors offered like hotcakes, and in accordance with JayzTwoCents, the corporate offered round 40,000 models which is a large determine contemplating the importance of the product. Nonetheless, issues did not keep properly for lengthy, as a number of customers reported melting incidents within the CableMod adapter.

Reddit person u/Darewelll introduced the problem to mild claiming that his adapter abruptly burned and melted in such a approach that the plastic soldered itself collectively and can’t be faraway from both of the plugs. The affected person additionally shared a video of the adapter on YouTube, the place the burnt marks are evident. Properly, if we debug into the issue, issues could appear extra advanced. The issue may persist due client’s negligence in seating the adapter into the GPU, however that might not be the case for each incident. The person error particularly states that his connector was inserted as per the rules.

In an evaluation by JayzTwoCents on the issue, he did spotlight a big issue behind the CableMod connector burning difficulty. The 90-degree adapters are reportedly susceptible to a wiggling difficulty, making customers doubt whether or not the connector is totally seated. This has one thing to do with the size of the 90-degree adapter, which is inflicting the wiggle as you may see beneath:

Picture Credit: JayzTwoCents

Furthermore, most incidents happen on the GPU connector relatively than on the finish the place the PSU cable is linked. This may occasionally result in the conclusion that the burden disparity as a result of connected cable is inflicting the Cablemod adapter to not be totally seated. The corporate has additionally acknowledged that 70% of the burning incidents are reportedly from a single card producer.

Picture Credit: JayzTwoCents

One facet to contemplate is how lengthy CableMod will supply alternative to customers going through the problem. The corporate has promised to exchange the affected GPUs with new ones. Nonetheless, based mostly on the variety of adapter models CableMod has offered, it seems that if the problem spreads broadly, it’d pose extreme issues for each the corporate and its clients.

For now, we suggest that customers proceed cautiously when utilizing CableMod adapters. It’s best to be certain that the adapter is totally seated and there’s no bending within the energy cable. Cablemod has but to difficulty an official assertion concerning the burning incidents, and in the event that they do, we are going to absolutely replace you guys. That is additionally one of many a number of the reason why a brand new 12V-2×6 specification is being labored on by PCI-SIG.

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Originally posted 2023-07-03 18:02:04.