Remaining Fantasy XVI – What Are the Finest Skills to Maximize Injury Throughout Stagger?

Remaining Fantasy XVI’s motion fight system provides gamers ample freedom on how you can cope with enemies, permitting them to make use of quite a lot of skills to combo mobs to dying. Issues, nevertheless, are somewhat completely different with bigger-sized enemies whose actions can’t be interrupted, thus limiting Clive’s combo and harm potential.

By lowering the enemy’s Stagger Bar by utilizing assaults that deal Wil harm, Clive can knock these enemies down, leaving them defenseless for a brief period of time. And it is at this level that your dance of dying ought to start.

What Are The Finest Skills To Maximize Injury Throughout Stagger in Remaining Fantasy XVI

Shiva’s Eikonic Feat Coldsnap is a should to make use of towards staggered enemies in Remaining Fantasy XVI, as inflicting Frostbite with it’ll freeze the Stagger Bar, providing you with extra time to deal harm. Earlier than the enemy is staggered after which frozen, it’s best to use Wings of Gentle to forged Megaflare in order to extend the harm over time as you execute your combo on the staggered enemy. After the enemy is knocked down after which frozen, it’s best to instantly activate Restrict Break and use Odin’s Zantetsuken, which must be charged to the utmost degree earlier than the enemy is staggered by utilizing skills reminiscent of Dancing Metal and the Arm of Darkness Eikonic Feat.

As soon as Zantetsuken has been used, it is time to go wild with some skills. Use Shiva’s Diamond Mud and Ramuh’s Judgment Bolt, after which activate Lighting Rod. Utilizing Odin’s Dancing Metal will let you cost one other Degree 5 Zantetsuken and activate the rod for some further harm. Observe it up with Bahamuth’s Gigaflare and Phoenix’s Flames of Rebirth to deal large quantities of harm that ought to do away with any enemy in Story-Targeted or Motion-Targeted modes. For Remaining Fantasy and Ultimaniac Mode, this combo is probably not sufficient to kill heavy enemies and managers, however it’ll nonetheless deal large harm that ought to make the combat shorter.

As you might want to unlock all Eikon and their strongest skills, you’ll solely have the ability to use the combo above in the course of the last segments of Remaining Fantasy XVI, and from the second playthrough onward, those that are nonetheless working by the principle marketing campaign might need to use just a few different strategies to maximise harm. The aforementioned Ramuh’s Lighting Rod is a superb potential to make use of to take action, because it creates a ball of lighting upon use which chains lighting to close by enemies, and any AOE or multi-hit assault you utilize will set it off. With Ifrit’s Will o’ the Wykes, which summons fireballs that circle Clive to deal harm to close by targets, you’ll be able to set off Lighting Rod repeatedly to deal quite a lot of harm and rapidly enhance the stagger harm multiplier to 1.50 when you are free to assault with some other assault or Eikon potential. Lighting Rod synergizes effectively with quite a lot of different skills, reminiscent of Gouge, Thunderstorm, Raging Fists, and Dancing Metal, so mastering Lighting Rod to equip it to any Eikon must be your primary precedence in order to not be compelled to equip Ramuh and have to surrender on any Eikonic Feat extra helpful than Blind Justice.

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