Remnant II Receives Its First Huge Patch, That includes A number of Optimizations and Steadiness Adjustments

• Preliminary optimizations to enhance general efficiency.

• Updates to enhance hitching and potential crashes.

• Mounted a number of reported crash bugs.

• Excessive element shadows have been moved to a separate possibility and may be enabled within the choices on PC.

–High quality of Life–

• Elevated Trait Cap by +5.

• Tome of Data now grants Scrap and EXP when the participant has reached Trait Cap.

• Orb of Undoing now has limitless makes use of. Gamers can promote any extras for Scrap.

• Eliminated the Trait Requirement for equipping a second Archetype. Gamers could now slot their second Archetype as quickly as they receive/convert one other Engram at Wallace.

• Eliminated the Scrap Value for changing a Mysterious Merchandise into an Engram (1000 to 0).

• Lowered the Lumenite Value for changing a Mysterious Merchandise into an Engram (10 to five).

• Barely Elevated Scrap Achieve from Breakables.

• Elevated Scrap Achieve from Common and Uncommon Chests.

• Elevated Scrap Achieve when killing Aberrations.

• Decreased the price of Bloodroot.


[ Archetypes ]

Explorer Archetype

• Elevated the length of Explorer’s Scavenger Buff per pickup from 15s to 20s.

• Elevated the length of Explorer’s Gold Digger Buffs from 15s to 20s.

• Elevated the therapeutic quantity of Gold Digger Therapeutic Fountain from 1.5 to 2.0 HP per second.

Archon Archetype

• Elevated Archon Havoc Kind Lighting Arms injury from 28 to 56.

• Elevated Archon Havoc Kind Blink injury from 100 to 150.

• Decreased Archon Havoc Kind Cooldown from 120s to 90s.

Challenger Archetype

• Adjusted the injury falloff for Challenger’s Shut Quarters perk. At most vary, Challenger will all the time preserve a ten% injury bonus to All Injury.

Handler Archetype

• Elevated the Handler’s Pack Hunter Vary from 25m to 40m.

• Elevated the Base Max Well being of Handler’s Very Good Boy Companion.

Summoner Archetype

• Elevated the Base Max Well being of Summoner’s Hole and Flyer Variants.

[ Weapons ]

• Switched Aphelion scaling to Boss/Particular Injury Scaling as a substitute of Customary.

• Elevated the Hearth Injury for Shatterstar (Savior Mod).

• Decreased the Hearth Charge on Dusk in Customary and Dreadwalker Hearth Modes.

• Decreased the AOE Burst Injury of Enigma’s Overload Utility from 40 to 30.

• Decreased the Subsequent Tether Injury of Enigma Major Hearth from 75% to 65%.

• Decreased the Journal Capability of Enigma from 30 to 25.

• Elevated the whole Reserve Capability of Enigma from 120 to 125.

[ Enemies ]

• Decreased injury on Nightweaver’s seize assaults (Wall and Lunge).

• Adjusted the hitbox of Magister Dullain’s tongue assault to raised match the visuals.

[ Multiplayer ]

• Decreased incoming injury in Multiplayer from 25% per extra participant to fifteen% per participant.

–Bug Fixes—

[ Progression & Rewards ]

• Mounted a number of reported crash bugs and instability points.

• Development Blocker: Mounted a difficulty that prevented gamers from finishing the tutorial if a crash occurred when interacting with Ford.

• Development Blocker: Mounted infinite loading display screen subject current for some gamers when choosing “Skip Tutorial” on the character creation display screen.

• Development Blocker: Mounted a difficulty with Plasma Cutter stopping the Remaining Boss from transitioning into its second part.

• Development Blocker: Mounted Tal’Ratha boss struggle lockout if the sport was exited throughout cutscene dialogue.

• Development Blocker: Mounted the Astropath boss struggle failing to start out if the sport was exited throughout cutscenes.

• Development Blocker: Addressed subject with Trait factors going detrimental. Damaging Trait factors have been flipped to optimistic. This will even repair points with the Second Archetype being locked out. If gamers are nonetheless encountering detrimental trait factors, choosing up a further trait level will flip detrimental to optimistic.

• Addressed subject with gamers not receiving achievements in multiplayer video games.

• Gamers who accomplished Oracle’s quilt will now obtain Half Quilt award in addition to Full Give up Reward if they’d not beforehand obtained it.

• Mounted a difficulty the place scripted deaths from the Bone Harvester, Empress Guards, and Crimson Prince prompted precise deaths and ended Hardcore runs.

• Mounted a difficulty with Weapons not unlocking after a Hardcore playthrough.

• Mounted a difficulty with Weapons not unlocking after finishing playthroughs at totally different difficulties.

• Gamers who listened to all Mudtooth’s tales however didn’t obtain all the rewards can go to Mudtooth to obtain their rewards. Gamers who didn’t obtain the Iron Cylinder (Gunslinger’s Engram) from listening to all his tales will now discover it in his retailer.

• Mounted a difficulty stopping Explorer and Archon Armor from showing on the seller. Gamers might want to first convert the suitable Mysterious Merchandise into an Engram at Wally

• Mounted a difficulty stopping Mudtooth’s Elixir from showing in his stock. After finishing the sport, gamers might want to first unlock Explorer (Golden Compass) at Wallace.

• Mounted points the place Clementine would stand in random places in Ward 13 after the cutscene in Blackened Citadel.

• Repair for Achievement when assembly the Flautist if the co-op participant was spectating on the time when the Flautist was met.

• Mounted a difficulty stopping Revivalist Trait from being awarded. It ought to now be rewarded after reviving one other participant 15x.

[ Archetypes ]

• Mounted a difficulty with Archon’s Havoc Kind Lighting Arms. Casting Pace now correctly ramps up the Lighting Hand with out going infinite.

• Mounted a difficulty inflicting Hunter’s Focus not granting the correct Weakspot Injury Bonus

• Mounted a difficulty inflicting Hunter’s Shroud granting multiplicative injury bonus

• Mounted a difficulty inflicting Invader Perk S.H.A.R.Ok. to not apply its injury bonuses

• Mounted a difficulty with Gunslinger’s Bulletstorm Sound not terminating.

• Mounted a bug permitting Male Engineer to disregard falling transition when Overclocking.

[ Gear / Items ]

• Mounted VFX alignment for Nebula and Hellfire main fireplace.

• Mounted a difficulty stopping Plasma Cutter from dealing the right injury sort to sure enemies.

• Mounted a difficulty inflicting Shieldbreaker Mutator to not grant the correct quantity of defend.

• Dusk Mod visible results terminate appropriately now.

• Mounted a difficulty permitting Dreamcatcher to set off Dreamwave earlier than it was correctly earned.

• Mounted a difficulty that allowed Crystal Coronary heart from stacking with itself.

• Mounted a difficulty inflicting Ring of Flawed Magnificence not granting the correct Weakspot Injury Bonus

• Mounted subject with Anastasija’s Inspiration inflicting infinite injury stacking on Summoner’s Minions.

• Mounted a difficulty stopping some Boss & Particular Melee Weapons from receiving correct scaling.

• Mounted a difficulty stopping Godsplitter from triggering “Was this presupposed to occur?” Achievement

• Mounted a difficulty permitting Severed Hand to be spawned repeatedly.

[ Enemies ]

• Mounted subject with Primogenitor well being bar incorrectly monitoring and inflicting gamers to turn out to be caught.

• Mounted subject with Root Knight’s puddle projectile dealing injury on hit.

• Mounted subject with Nightweaver projectiles homing in on participant incorrectly.

• E.D. Alpha (Aberration) in Tower of the Unseen now respawns after the participant dies and re-enters the aberration room space.

• Mounted subject with Block Smash (Labyrinth Enemy) sound results

• Mounted subject the place gamers may defeat the Gwendil: The Unburnt with out taking any injury by standing on the steps underneath the wood bridge

• Mounted subject the place killing the Many Faces (Corruptor World Boss Golem) when it is leaping between platforms would trigger it to fall off the world in The Nice Bole.

[ Misc Fixes ]

• Mounted a number of places on the ultimate degree the place gamers may get out of bounds of the extent.

• Mounted subject with gamers not receiving fall injury by holding throwable consumables or melee weapons in throwing place.

• Mounted collision subject inflicting gamers to get trapped alongside some edges in Morrow Sanatorium.

• Mounted subject when upon utilizing sure melee weapons, the character’s face distorted

• Mounted subject the place the Participant may very well be locked out of Postulant’s Parlor when the Remnant II utility was closed after enjoying the board recreation.

• Mounted subject the place the Participant was unable to open the door to Sentinel’s Hold when exiting Remnant II whereas inputting the Seeker’s Key in N’Erud

• Mounted a difficulty the place gamers had been trapped when making an attempt to vault via a wall in Cotton’s Kiln.

• Mounted a difficulty that allowed gamers to skip siege struggle in Tiller’s Relaxation.

• Mounted a difficulty with gamers falling into hole between the boat and wall in Tiller’s Relaxation

• Mounted floating doorways in Cathedral of Omens.

• Mounted a difficulty in The Nice Corridor that allowed repeated EXP rewards throughout Feastmaster’s occasion.

• Mounted a number of situations that allowed gamers to transition via partitions utilizing interactives.

• Mounted a difficulty that prompted gamers to get caught in Throw Animation in sure conditions.



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