Genshin Impression 4.0 Leaks Reveal Fontaine Map, Particulars for Lyney, Lynette, and Freminet

The launch Genshin Impression 4.0 is just weeks away, and loads of particulars concerning the subsequent massive even-numbered replace for F2P action-RPG are leaking. For individuals who haven’t been maintaining, Genshin Impression 4.0 will introduce Fontaine, a Hydro-themed space considerably impressed by France and different Mediterranean nations. HoYoverse guarantees Fontaine will likely be a land of sophistication, each by way of tradition, and their steam-powered know-how. Fontaine may even introduce the flexibility to discover underwater areas.

Nicely, dependable Genshin leaker No-Lifeguard4399 has posted the total map of Fontaine on Reddit. The area is extra compact than some others at launch, significantly the sprawling Sumeru area final added to the sport, however once more, this space additionally permits you to discover underwater. Additionally, Fontaine is nearly sure to additional develop with extra 4.0 updates.

Fontaine Map
by u/No-Lifeguard4399 in Genshin_Impact_Leaks

The next picture reveals how Fontaine connects and compares to the remainder of Genshin Impression’s map.

Leaked Fontaine map overlaid on present Teyvat map

So, that’s the Genshin Impression 4.0 map, however what about new characters? Nicely, HoYoverse has confirmed three new characters are on the best way – the long-teased Lyney and Lynette, in addition to a personality named Freminet. Due to well-known Genshin leaker Mero, we now know what all three will deliver to the desk.

Lyney is a bow-wielding Pyro consumer. His Elemental Talent will see him unleash fireworks on the sphere, whereas his Elemental Burst permits him to show right into a cat that may run round lighting enemies on fireplace.

Lyney (Pyro bow-wielder)

Elemental Talent – Bewildering Lights

Lyney does a flourish along with his hat, unleashing a firework shock! When used, he’ll clear all present Prop Surplus stacks and deal AoE Pyro DMG to opponents in entrance of him. DMG will likely be elevated based on the stacks cleared, and this may even regenerate Lyney’s HP based mostly on his Max HP. If the fireworks hit opponents, the variety of stacks would be the foundation for the Vitality restoration to Lyney.

When a Grin-Malkin Hat created by Lyney is on the sphere, the fireworks will trigger it to blow up, dealing AoE Pyro DMG equal to that of a Pyrotechnic Strike. The DMG dealt by the Grin-Malkin Hat on this approach is taken into account Charged Assault DMG.

Elemental Burst – Wondrous Trick: Miracle Parade

Unleashing his magic, Lyney turns himself right into a Grin-Malkin Cat that may transfer round shortly. When the Grin-Malkin Cat will get near opponents, it should ship flames falling down on them, dealing at most 1 occasion of Pyro DMG to every opponent. When the period ends of Lyney makes use of his Elemental Talent, he’ll dismiss the Grin-Malkin Cat and ignite fireworks that deal AoE Pyro DMG, summon 1 Grin-Malkin Hat, and grant himself 1 Prop Surplus stack.

Lynette is a sword-wielding Anemo consumer. Her Elemental Talent is a sword thrust that may restore her HP, and her Elemental Burst will summon a “Bogglecat Field” that pulls enemy aggro whereas dealing harm.

Lynette (Anemo sword-wielder)

Elemental Talent – Enigmatic Feint

Flicks her mantle and executes an Enigma Thrust, dealing Anemo DMG. When the Enigma Thrust hits and opponent, it should restore Lynette’s HP based mostly on her Max HP, and within the 4 seconds afterward, she is going to lose a certain quantity of HP per second. Primarily based on whether or not you press or maintain this capacity, she is going to use Enigma Thrust in another way.

  • Press – She swiftly makes use of an Enigma Thrust.
  • Maintain – Lynette will enter a high-speed Pilfering Shadow state and apply Shadowsign to a close-by opponent. When this high-speed state ends, Lynette will unleash Enigma Thrust. If there may be an opponent with Shadowsign utilized to them close by, Lynette will strategy them in a flash earlier than utilizing Enigma Thrust.
  • Elementary Power: Ousia – At particular intervals, Lynette will unleash a Surging Blade when she makes use of Enigma Thrust, dealing Ousia-aligned Anemo DMG.

Elemental Burst – Magic Trick: Astonishing Shift

Lynette raises her mantle excessive, dealing AoE Anemo DMG, utilizing skillful sleight of hand to make the enormous Bogglecat Field seem!

Bogglecat Field

  • Taunts close by opponents, attracting their assaults.
  • Offers Anemo DMG to close by opponents at intervals.
  • When the Bogglecat Field comes into contact with Hydro/Pyro/Cryo/Electro, it should achieve the corresponding ingredient and moreover fireplace Vivid Photographs that can deal DMG from that ingredient at intervals.

Lastly, Freminet is a claymore-wielding Cryo consumer. His Elemental Talent causes him to enter the particular state “Pers Time” that enables him to inflict Shatter and different highly effective assaults. His Elemental Burst will permit him to deal Cryo AoE harm and additional buff his Elemental Talent.

Freminet (Cryo claymore-wielder)

Elemental Talent – Pressurized Floe

Does an upward thrust that can deal Cryo DMG and trigger Freminet to enter Pers Time for 10 seconds. Whereas in Pers Time, his Elemental Talent will flip into Shattering Strain.

Shattering Strain

  • Executes differing types of assaults based mostly on the Strain degree of Pers Time, after which cancels Pers Time.
  • Degree 0: Unleashes a vertical minimize that can deal Cryo DMG.
  • Ranges 1 to three: Unleashes a vertical minimize alongside Pers, dealing Cryo DMG and Bodily DMG. DMG dealt scales based mostly on Strain degree.
  • Degree 4: Borrows the ability of a fully-pressured Pers to deal Bodily DMG.

Pers Time

  • When Freminet makes use of Regular Assaults, he may even unleash waves of frost that deal Cryo DMG and improve Pers Strain degree. The accompanying Cryo DMG dealt the best way is taken into account Elemental Talent DMG. After Strain Degree 4 is reached, initiating a Regular Assault will convert it to a Degree 4 Shattering Strain.

Elementary Power: Pneuma

  • At sure intervals, after utilizing the upward thrust, a Spiritbreath Thorn within the type of one other upward thrust will likely be created, dealing Pneuma-aligned Cryo DMG.

Elemental Burst – Shadowhunter’s Ambush

Unleashes a wave of untouchable chilly, dealing AoE Cryo DMG, resetting the CD of the Elemental Talent Pressurized Floe, a inflicting Freminet to enter the Stalking mode for 10 seconds. Whereas Stalking, his interruption resistance will improve, and Pressurized Floe will acquire the next buffs.

  • CD decreased by 70 p.c.
  • Regular Assaults will give Pers 1 extra Strain stack, and the frost launched by his Regular Assaults deal 200 p.c of their authentic DMG.

It’s not 100% recognized what number of stars the brand new Genshin Impression 4.0 characters will likely be, however it’s anticipated Lyney is 5-star, and Lynette and Freminet are 4-star.

Genshin Impression could be performed on PC, PS4, PS5, and cellular units. Pending any sudden delays, replace 4.0 is predicted to drop on August 16.

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