Last Fantasy XVI – Easy methods to Enhance Your Potion Efficiency

Any JRPG fan is aware of you need to by no means enterprise out with out a full complement of well being potions. We’ve already coated how one can enhance your most potion capability in Last Fantasy XVI, however what about their efficiency? As you stage up, you get extra HP, so it’s essential that the effectiveness of your potions retains tempo. Fortunately, a pair of sidequests will assist you to enhance their effectiveness. Right here’s tips on how to enhance your potion efficiency in Last Fantasy XVI…

“The Root of the Downside”

1 – Someday following the “After the Storm” primary mission, head to “Yard” space of the Hideaway and discuss to move botanist, Nigel. He’s on the lookout for some Morganbeard flowers.

2 – Quick journey to the obelisk in Martha’s Relaxation.

3 – Head west into the “Sorrowise” space.

4 – Struggle a pack of goblins and an lvl 26 Gigas. When you’ve taken them out, gather the Morganbeard.

5 – Head again to Nigel and provides him the flowers. He’ll enhance the efficacy of your potions for you. Therapeutic potions now offer you extra well being, and buffs last more.

“Please Sir, Can I Have Some Morbol?”

1 – Someday after the “Like Father, Like Daughter” primary quest, head again to speak to Nigel once more. He desires you to convey him the stays of a Morbol.

2 – Try the Hunts board for a Morbol named “Carrot.”

3 – Quick journey to the Three Reeds obelisk in Rosaria.


4 – Head west a bit, then north right into a small clearing known as The Whispering Waters.

5 – You’ll discover Carrot, a fairly robust lvl 35 poison-spewing Morbol right here. Take him out and gather the merchandise he drops.

6 – Return to Nigel and he’ll additional enhance your potions. As well as, the “Yard” space is now dwelling to a fairly beautiful backyard.

As soon as once more, when you mix these quests with those for growing potion capability, you need to be capable of dive into any battle with out worrying you’re going to run low on HP.

Last Fantasy XVI is out now on PS5. You may take a look at Wccftech’s different Last Fantasy XVI guides right here.

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