Remaining Fantasy XVI – The way to Discover All S-Ranked Hunt Board Bosses

In case you’re searching for some robust skill-testing battles in Remaining Fantasy XVI, then you need to look no additional than the Hunt Board situated at your Hideaway. Presided over by a pleasant Moogle, the Hunt Board factors  you towards “Infamous Marks” – difficult boss fights you’ll be able to tackle for some good rewards. The Hunt Board doesn’t let you know precisely the place to seek out these monsters, it merely gives hints and it’s important to discover them your self. As you would possibly anticipate, the hardest S-rank monsters are a number of the hardest to seek out, with the clues being significantly imprecise. However don’t fear, we’re right here to assist! Right here’s the place to seek out the sport’s 5 S-ranked Infamous Marks…


– Take a look at “The Breaker of Worlds” itemizing on the Hunt Board.

– Quick journey to the Martha’s Relaxation obelisk in Rosario.

– Head north and east till you come to the village of Cressida.

– Discover the semi-hidden clearing on the rear of the village. Your goal is there.


– Take a look at the “Spoil Reawakened” itemizing on the Hunt Board.

– Quick journey to the Caer Norven Glorieuse Gate obelisk within the Glorieuse space of Sanbreque. That is South of Northreach and the Claireview space.


– Head east and south by Mornebrume move. Discover your goal on the finish of the path.


This one is simply listed as Pandemonium on the Hunt Board. No mysterious codename.

– Quick journey to the Shadow Coast obelisk in Waloed.

– Comply with path north, then take the department to the west.


– Take a look at “The Tricephalic Terror” itemizing on the Hunt Board.

– Quick journey to both the The Dalimil Inn or The Velkroy Desert obelisks in Dhalmekia.

– Your going to have to seek out your goal within the Velkroy Desert, which is likely one of the bigger open areas within the recreation. That stated, it’s not that large. Search within the south-west a part of the world.

Behemoth King

– Take a look at “The Masterless Marauder” itemizing on the Hunt Board.

– Quick journey to the Vidargraes obelisk in Waloed, which occurs to be the final obelisk you may encounter within the recreation.

– Your mark is comparatively shut by to the south-west within the massive open Vidargraes space.

Remaining Fantasy XVI is out now on PS5. You may try Wccftech’s different Remaining Fantasy XVI guides right here.

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Originally posted 2023-06-29 19:37:29.